Rise of the Sauropod

I’m a recent convert to the indie side of videogames. Quality titles like Minecraft, Bastion, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery have made me a firm believer in the ability of small, independent studios to create fun—even sublime—gaming experiences that can rival industry powerhouses like EA. And from what I see so far, Castle Story from Sauropod looks to be another milestone title in the making. An RTS Unlike Any Other […]


A Glimpse on What Castle Story Has to Offer

First announced in December 2011 and developed by Sauropod Studio, Castle Story is different from your typical RTS or real time strategy games. Being a brainchild of Sauropod Studio led by three equally talented game developers namely Germain Couët, Benoit Alain and Francois Alain, Castle Story has garnered worldwide attention and has since then been a popular topic among video game enthusiasts after its introduction to the public. The first […]



Castle Story

Castle Story is releasing soon! I am amped up and ready for such an epic adventure! What is it? Well it can only be described by saying that Starcraft, Minecraft, and Super Mario had a wild party and the baby that resulted from it was named Castle Story. If you wanted to judge the game based on how it looks, you’d say that it appears to be just another real-time […]