Castle Story is releasing soon! I am amped up and ready for such an epic adventure! What is it? Well it can only be described by saying that Starcraft, Minecraft, and Super Mario had a wild party and the baby that resulted from it was named Castle Story. If you wanted to judge the game based on how it looks, you’d say that it appears to be just another real-time

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strategy or tower defense game. Wrong. This game is so much more than just your average cookie cutter; watered down; tired formula that has been repeated so much that you bang holes in your wall with your face from the disappointment. Sauropod Studio has gone

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out of their way to assure that we are going to be a part of something truly unique!

The Bricktrons are a civilization that you control in order to build your ultimate dream castle. Miners dig for stone, lumberjacks harvest wood from trees, and builders construct your wildest imagination as long as the resources are in stock. More importantly, the animation in each task is

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fun and makes you feel proud when your little Bricktron has returned victorious. We are also able to stack our castles high and riddle it with traps and defenses. What I like most about the castle customization is the fact we can build and design as we see fit. So if you want to bunker down with the classic one entrance, one exit, or the more unforgiving labyrinth maze that leads all who enter to their doom, the game was made for both. You can even invent your own method of how to secure and run your castle!
Will it be a tall keep that stands defiant against the onslaught closing in to wipe out your entire existence? Or will it be a deathtrap in the quiet mist waiting until the opportune moment to strike by blowing up a barrel that leads to a stockpile, obliterating everything and anything near the entrance? We decide!

Phantom Blocks stop you from misplacing or wasting your hard-earned resources. So if you made a mistake or had second thoughts while still in the process of construction, no problem! This sweet function allows us to change on the dime before another block

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is placed! Don’t forget to add your stairs so that they can climb to higher elevations. The cinematic islands are breathtaking and beautiful. The colors are full and lush which set a perfect tone to the game. Think it looks good during the day? Try night! Crystal Torches provide light so that your kingdom can continue to be the envy of all the land. At night, you are also able to see the shining of distant objects that you may have missed during the day. You can see unclaimed crystals and try to mine them to unravel the mysteries
within. Exploring plays a large part in the game as well. After all, who says we can only have one castle? We just may be free to expand as much as we want.

Crystals themselves have their own whispered secrets that we can only discover if we are brave enough to venture to where they are. The quest for these crystals is surely not as simple as it appears to be. There is

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peril in the shadows as the crystals tease us with innocent-looking light. They come in different colors and are rumored to have abilities that will help our civilization. But beware; The Rock Monsters have had their greedy eyes on your creation since you started. They will try and take your castle as their own if you are not careful. They may even stop you from mining the crystal you sought after.

Luckily for us, we can teach our Bricktrons to take arms and fight against this unspeakable evil. To make warriors, all we need to do is make a sword and place it in our heroic Bricktron’s hand. He then accepts his destiny as he himself dons a helmet and shield. If we want

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archers to rain down vengeance on our enemies, we only need to make a bow and quickly rush it to their hands as we click and yell orders to defend our castle at all costs. Once the smoke and dust has cleared and we have ordered survivors to clear the rubble, we can also take the offensive to bring the
fight to them. We can make catapults to siege against these beasts and yell in glory as we attempt to charge these monsters and send them back into the darkness from whence they came!

Still not exciting enough? How about an original solid storyline about a Bricktron named Mobe? Mobe is somehow separated from his loving Princess at home and is in constant struggle trying to get back to her before something destroys his life forever. He has a long road home and only we can get him there! The music composed in the game is surely one-of-a-kind. It will also keep us soothed as we build, play, and enjoy the game for countless hours to come. So how does this game compare to the other games already out? It has the creativity and freedom of Minecraft, the classic plot of Super Mario, and the intelligence of Starcraft, but much more advanced. No more SCV rage when you used to assign a task, go do something else, come back and they’re just standing around because the minerals are gone. Castle Story is much different. Bricktrons have the intelligence to go onto another task that they think is important when they are done with the task you assigned them. The game’s unique “Unity” engine protects us so that our Bricktrons won’t go jumping off the edge of the world in revolt against our tyranny as we leave to go raid the refrigerator. In my opinion, the only way this game could get any better would be to add zombies! But only time
will tell as we are unable to sit in our seats and anxiously await such an awesome game to release!


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